Can Money Wipe out the Tears of Victims of Rape

Rape is not a newly category of offence which have taken the birth in modern times, while it could be traced in every civilization. However, the role of the early criminal jurisprudence was to punish the wrongdoer because he/she did the act, which is forbidden by law. Till mid 20th century the condition of women was very pathetic in every nation. After that feminist movement started in western country regarding the equal participation of women in every sector but later on it touched the issue related to position of women in society. And from that period every nations was compelled to make effective law towards women. That law could be related to violence against women, rape, dowry, sexual harassment etc. Throughout the history the women were considered the property of man. Now the women wanted their separate status from man’s identity. In America the slaves (Black Women) were always considered the property of owner and they can do anything with them because they were their subjects. Moreover, they don’t have their separate identity in the nation. As a result, Blacks women were sexually harassed by Whites men. At the same time even, the courts were not having judicious approach towards Blacks. And this situation was not only in America but the whole world facing the same problem. But with changing the time the world set the new laws in their jurisdiction towards welfare of women and also compensation jurisprudence was evolved. Now every State provides the compensation to victims of rape according to financial situation. But the question is can this amount is enough to remove all bad memories from the brain of rape victim? In this paper i will discuss the compensation and rehabilitation policy of Europe, Asia, and America. Moreover, the drawback of these compensation policy in society.

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