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Academic Chair


Prof. Tennyson Samraj

Professor of Philosophy and Religion

Burman University. Alberta



Members of the Faculty

Prof. Sadequl Islam

Professor of Economics

Faculty of Arts,

Laurentian University, Canada

Prof. Derrick Samuels

Professor of Business Management

United States of America

Prof. H.D. Karunaratne 

Professor. Business Economics

University of Colombo ,

Sri Lanka

Members of the International Scientific Committee

Prof. N.S. Cooray (Japan)

Prof. Mally Shechory-Bitton (Israel )

Prof. Tennyson Samraj (Canada)

Dr. Dilip K. Das ( South Africa)

Dr. Ramaratnam ( India)

Prof. Brinda Mehta ( USA)

Prof. Donathan Brown ( USA)

Dr. Cristeta Dulos ( Philippines)

Prof. Toshiichi Endo ( HK)

Prof. Ludo Veny ( Belgium)

Prof. H.D Karunaratna ( Sri Lanka )

Prof. W. Malalasekera (United Kingdom)

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