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Prof. Sadequl Islam

Professor of Economics

Faculty of Arts,

Laurentian University, Canada

KEYNOTE SPEECH : From Hyper-Globalization to Neo-Mercantilism, and Neo-Fascism?

Research Areas :

International trade, General equilibrium analysis of international trade,Chinese economy,North American economies


  • The Economic Effects on NAFTA of Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreements.
  • The Impact of China-ASEAN Free Trade Agreement on Textiles and Clothing Sectors of Asian Regions.
  • The Impact of Changes in Multilateral and Regional Trade Policy Regimes on Textiles and Clothing Sectors of China: A General Equilibrium Analysis.
  • Japan's Trade with Asian Countries: The Case of Textiles and Clothing.
  • Expansions of the European Union and the NAFTA: Implications for New and Non-Member Countries

Dr. Rossitsa Yalamova

Associate Professor of Finance

Faculty of Management

University of Lethbridge, Canada

KEYNOTE SPEECH : 'Social Empowerment -  Mobilizing Mass Intellectuality through Higher Education'

Research Interests

Sustainability and Resilience in Socio-Economic Systems ,Complex network topology and dynamics, Nonlinear dynamic patterns of stock market self-organization, Chaos and complexity

Dr. Tilanka Chandrasekera

Assistant Professor

Department of Design, Housing and Merchandising

Oklahoma State University, USA




Gender & Women's Studies 2018

Thailand  29-30 June 2018

Education, Teaching & Technology 2018

Thailand  25-26 January 2018

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